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Intelligent System
Fibaro services
It offers a non-invasive installation process, which eliminates the need to run meters of cables. Our miniaturized modules can be installed in any wall switch box, behind a light switch, roller blind switch, etc., and are compatible with every electrical system.

It is the only system available on the market capable of controlling LED lighting or fluorescent lights in electrical systems without a neutral wire (old-type electrical systems).

Native Application designed for FIBARO® System. This Application is the most modern, easiest and user friendly software used to control (also remotely) Your house electric devices connected to the FIBARO® System. It is complete BMS application. Application designed for FIBARO Home Center 2.

- GPS tracking
- LiLi (voice control)
- Gesture control the whole house
And many more…

With Fibaro you can access a large database of service providers, allowing you to immediately respond to any failure in the house. For instance, in case of washing machine leak, the system will automatically provide you with list of plumbers in your neighborhood, along with their contact details, letting you call one of them immediately.*



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FIBARO system is the best building automation solution available on the market.

On fire
when you need safety

Saving Energy
Monitor your house

Perfect wake-up
Design your own awakening

Integrated with an existing alarm system

FIBARO in the TOP 20

Do you know that reviews on fibaro's products hit the top of tops in the Top 20 most read articles on Automated Home for 2012 ?!

  Quick Access to Devices

Home Center 2
Relay Switch 2x1.5kW
Relay Switch 1x3.0kW
Dimmer 500W
Roller Shutter
Roller Shutter 2
RGBW Controller
Universal Binary Sensor
Door and Window Sensor
Flood Sensor
Smoke Detector
Wall Plug
Dimmer Bypass
DS18B20 Digital Thermometer


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