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Relay Insert 1 * 3 KW
Quick Overview
  • Single Relay switch module to control loads up to 3KW.
  • Enables Z-Wave control of two independent lights or appliances
  • Very small size enables modules to fit into standard switch boxes (45mm recommended)
  • DIY installation

Product Details

Fibaro Z-Wave Relay insert module can control appliances or lighting up to a maximum load of 3Kw. The Fibaro relays are the smallest relay modules available, measuring just 17mm high.

On/Off Relay Switch 1x3KW (FGS211)

Single relay switch capable of operating a load of up to 3KW.

  • Requires 3-wire (including neutral) installation - further information is in our 2-wire/3-wire guide
  • Can use mains or alternative power supply for load (including DC)
  • Works with AC or DC power supply (110-230V AC or 24-60V DC)
  • Second switch input for controlling additional associated devices or 2-way installations (see note)
Note: Using Second Switch Input

The Single Relay (1x3KW) allows a second switch to be connected to the module which can be used to control an additional Z-Wave device associated with the Fibaro module or in a 2-way lighting installation. More information is available: Application Note 18 - Using a Secondary Switch with a Fibaro Module.


Technical Details
  • Wireless: Z-Wave (868.42MHz)
  • Voltage: 110 - 240V AC or 24 - 60V DC
  • Maximum load: 3,000W - 16A (230V AC or 30V DC)
  • Power Consumption: < 0.8W
  • Range: up to 50m (outdoors) and 30m (indoors)
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 42 x 37 x 17mm
  • Firmware Versions: v2.1


Application Notes, Guides and Videos

  • Controlling Lights with Fibaro Relays
  • Using a Secondary Switch with a Fibaro Module
  • Understanding 2-wire and 3-wire Lighting Systems
  • Controlling Blinds and Motorized systems with Fibaro
  • Configuring Fibaro modules in the VERA controller


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